In the words of Google :

Savvy marketers understand that you don’t capture your audience with just one message, just one picture, or just one perfectly placed advertisement. It’s a complex process of planting the seed, nurturing it, and finally harvesting the fruits of your marketing efforts.

This complexity in online marketing opens up a lot of ambiguity, to the extent that many businesses may doubt if online marketing strategies such as SEO actually work and contribute to the bottom line. In this messy world of online marketing, our key value proposition is our ability to provide a fair degree of certainty, coupled with purpose-driven execution, to our clients. This is how we do it:

We don’t want to waste your time and money. We offer all our clients the option of an exhaustive and honest feasibility study into how organic Search actually drives your audience. If it’s not the most effective manner to promote your brand, or the best strategy for your budget, we will be upfront about it.

We will customise and hone your online marketing strategy so that you can consistently outperform your competitors over time. We do that by leveraging all your public facing online activity to achieve a search engine net effect that will transform your brand into a formidable online presence.

We give you tangible, measurable results. Some SEO companies will sell you their track record of ranking for certain keywords for clients. At 93 Digital a Cape Town Search engine optimisation company ; we take a more comprehensive view of success and how it should be measured. When analysing your online performance the most important metric we use is whether the keywords we use drives qualified traffic to your site that actually converts into customers.

Our monthly SEO audit reports gives you a holistic overview of your brand activity on the internet, from micro-conversions such as email sign-ups to conversations about your business. We report on shares, tweets, mentions and views, and we keep tabs on your competitors’ search engine ranking and what they are doing in general. Our broad focus is motivated by that brand strength is such an important quality indicator for search engines.

We can work with your people. Whether you need us to implement an organic SEO campaign from scratch, drive your own strategic vision or validate your in-house efforts.